Gathering the Catholic Community Together

A Parish Center will bring new opportunities for partnering with the Archdiocese and area Parishes to become a site for conferences, retreats, workshops, large bible studies, and national speakers.

For the past 25 years, our parishioners have grown accustomed to going to other parish centers for large-group bible studies, retreats and opportunities for national speakers.  “We just don’t have the space to host groups of more than 50 for spiritual enrichment and fellowship because Hanneman Hall and the gym are in use for school or sporting activities,” according to Fr. Dan Kampschneider.

Our parishioners are seeking out these opportunities for faith formation and we want to offer St. Vincent de Paul as one of these host sites for our Catholic community.

Our parishioners regularly go to Christ the King Church, St. Robert’s and other area parish centers to do large-scale, in-depth bible studies such as “Seeking Truth”.  These bible studies are in high demand and well attended, bring together hundreds of Catholics from all over Omaha to watch media presentations featuring Sharon Doran and small breakout discussions.  The opportunities for partnership and hosting these types of events in Omaha are endless.

Our new Parish Center becomes a flexible space that can serve as a mini-retreat center where up to 500 participants can gather in the large hall to hear a speaker and breakout into smaller meetings rooms for discussion. We’d love to be able to host speakers like Scott Hahn, an exceptional speaker on Catholic faith, or Sr. Joyce Rupp, a writer, retreat and conference speaker who offers so much for us to learn on spiritual enlightenment.

St. Vincent de Paul is a dynamic faith community and we look forward to offering these spiritual enrichment opportunities to both our parish and inviting our fellow Catholics into our Parish to learn and grow with us.