Better Site for Funeral Luncheons

In a given year, more than 30 funerals are held here.  The parish offers a funeral luncheon in the school gym as a way to assist families in their mourning.  Since the beginning of the 2016 school year, we have had eight funerals.  More than 900 mourners have attended the funeral luncheons.

The doors are unlocked to both floors of the school for guests attending the luncheon.  What does this means for our school?  The safety of our children and teachers is compromised as well as students’ class schedules being disrupted.  The benefits of a Parish Center are far reaching for both our families who are laying their loved one to rest, as well as, our families who have children in the school.

  • Improved School Security Measures

“Keeping our children safe at school has always been a top priority.  We work to evaluate and refine our security measures and implement best practices.”  Dr. Barbara Marchese, Principal

  • Optimizing Space for Education

Hosting the funeral luncheons in the Parish Center will allow children to attend gym class and alleviate class schedule disruptions.

  • Enhanced Funeral Luncheon Preparation

The new kitchen facilities in the Parish Center will provide the necessary space, equipment and warming ovens to support this Guild volunteers in better serving meals to our families.

  • Accessible and Inviting Gathering Space

The Parish Center will offer a beautiful gathering space that is easily accessible for all guests from the parking lot and the church Narthex.  Accessibility is key for our elderly guests, as they will be able to park closer and enter the Center with ease.