Advantages of a Parish Center Kitchen

An exciting aspect of our new Parish Center will be a full kitchen with plenty of counter space suitable for hosting receptions, funeral luncheons and other gatherings. Right now, funeral luncheons are held in the school gymnasium.

Iva Mueller, a coordinator of funeral luncheons, said using the small service kitchen in the school can be challenging. Currently, casseroles made at home are heated on a food warmer shared with the school cafeteria. And volunteers must repeatedly go up and down stairs to take food from the warmers located upstairs by the parish office down to the parish kitchen located across the hall from the gym.

Having a kitchen separate from the school will make luncheon preparation easier for volunteers, Mueller said. And removing the kitchen from the school also will allow it to be used by more parish groups, said Katie Zimmerman, a member of the Parish Center Steering Committee. She said she envisions the kitchen space being used to assemble meals for outreach ministries.

“I think it would be neat if these groups that cook food in their homes right now for different outreach activities could use the kitchen to prepare food together,” Zimmerman said. In addition, catering amenities are improved in the Parish Center kitchen. Doors accessible from the outside of the building make it easier for catering companies to bring in prepared meals to service groups as large as 500.

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